Discover le range of care “charme d’orient” (Oriental charms) in a warm  eastern ambiance offering a luxurious traditional hammam. In an  Authentic atmosphere, your space of beauty and wellness , invites you to  a great moment of relaxation… under the sun of Javéa. Surf our website  to discover a sample of our natural cares bringing you relaxation,  beauty and evasion. 






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Waxing for Women Threading

Brows/cejas €10,00  

Chin/barbilla €10,00   

Lip/labio €7,00   

Lip,Brow & Chin/labio, cejas y barbilla €22,00   

Full Face/cara completa €25,00 

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Waxing for Women



Brows/cejas €10,00   

Chin/barbilla €10,00   

Lip/labio €7,00  

Lip,Brow & Chin/labio, cejas y barbilla €22,00  

Full Face/cara completa €25,00    


Brows/cejas €7   

Chin/barbilla €7  

Lip/labio €6  

Brows, Lip & Chin/cejas, labio y barbilla €18,00  

Full Face/cara complete €22,00   

Underarms/axilas €12,00   

Upper Arm/brazo superior €15,00   

Lower Arm/brazo inferior €15,00   

Full Arm/braza completo €25,00   

Upper leg/piernas superior €25,00   

Lower Leg/piernas inferior €18,00  

Full Legs/ piernas €40,00   

Abdomen €15,00   

Normal Bikini €15,00   

Buttocks/nalgas €18,00  

Deep Bikini/bikini profundo €30,00   

Complete Naked/desnudo completo €20,00   

Bikini Strip/tira de bikini €15,00  


Brows/cejas €10,00  

Chest/pecho €25,00  

Abdomen €18,00 

Underarm/axilas €15,00  

Arms Lower/brazo inferior ( incl. fingers) €20,00   

Arms Upper/brazo superior (incl. shoulders) €20,00  

Arms Full/brazo completo (incl. shoulders) €35,00  

Back Full/espalda complete (incl. shoulders) €45,00 

Lower Leg/piernas inferior €25,00   

Upper Leg/piernas superior €30,00   

Full Leg/piernas €50,00   Bikini Normal €20,00   

Bikini Deep/bikini profundo €25,00   

Complete Naked/desnudo completa €45,00  

Buttocks €25,00     

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We offer  relaxation treatments to release all the tensions of your body.

At Novel's Holistic Spa you will have accommodated within a magical environment. You  will be tranpsorted to a haven of peace, far from the tumult and  stresses of life.

Allow yourself to be pampered by the pleasures.

You will be delighted.

Our various care, combined with our Traditional Products, Natural and Organic, will give you vitality and tonicity.

Face Care

Secret of Youth Facial


Using only the highest quality products to address your skin care  needs:

The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and steamed with  aromatic towels . If necessary, extractions are done to further clean  the pores. A masque is then used to replenish or revitalize the skin with aromaticwith the nutrients it may need. Treatment completed with application of a  protective moisturizer.

Treatment time: 1 hour Euros 45,00

Anti-Aging Facial​


Using only the highest quality products to address the needs of aging  skin, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated. Specific massage strokes are  used to lift and mold the facial muscles then further cleansed and  followed by warm aromatic towels to open the pores. A masque to address  the skin’s needs is then applied. Treatment is completed with  application of the rejuvenating LED light mask then a protective  moisturizer. . Treatment time: 1 hour Euros 50,00 

Microdermabrasion​ Facial


This is a non surgical treatment that encourages the regeneration of  new skin and the production of healthy cells. The skin is cleansed  before commencing microdermabrasion. This treatment helps to strip away  the top layer of dead skin cells more effectively to improve the skin’s  appearance. Regular treatments can help to reduce the appearance of  wrinkle and more. The skin will look more luminous and healthy. Massage  and an appropriate masque and moisturizer completes this treatment.Treatment time: 1 hour 15 mins Euros 60,00 

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This facial is perfect for mature dehydrated skin. Using organic  Argan products and Elixir of Prickly Pear along with molding massage  techniques, your skin will be left soft and glowing..Treatment time: 75 mins Euros 67,00 

Sesame Facial

A repairing and nourishing treatment to revitalize mature or dull  skin. With the benefits of Sesame Seed Oil and our molding massage your  skin will look and feel nourished and revitalized

.Treatment time: 60 mins Euros 55,00To further enhance relaxation all facial treatments include arm and hand massage. 


A color service for brows and eyelashes using semi-permanent  vegetable dye to enhance color, shape and thickness. Benefits are  immediate.

Treatment time: Brows tint – 15mins Euros 10,00

Treatment time: Brow tint & clean – 20 mins Euros 15,00Treatment time: Lashes – 15 mins Euros 15,00

Treatment time: Brow and Lash – 30 mins Euros 20,00

Treatment time: Brow and Lash incl. shape 35 mins Euros 25,00

​Fashion Eyelash/pestanas de moda Euros 20,0 

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